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Why Sell At Ralali?

The Biggest B2B Marketplace in Indonesia

Ralali is the biggest online B2B marketplace in Indonesia with more than 15.000 active buyers from corporations and business owners with high volume of purchase (wholesale).

Free Training Program

Intend to be more effective and efficient in selling online? Join our Free Training Program then get tutorials and educations from experienced trainers and entrepreneurs.

Promote Your Product by Online and Offline

Ralali will help promoting your online store through our online (website ralali.com, email, social media, ralali news portal) and offline (exhibition and advertisement at strategic place) marketing campaigns.

Safe Transaction Guarantee

Get trust from customer in transaction by using escrow account. Make easier payment process and Ensure the security of funds.

Nationwide network

Ralali is able to reach millions of customers from all over Indonesia through various trusted logistic partners.

Sales Report

Monitor your online store performance in detail by using our comprehensive sales report.

Seller Testimonials

“Very helpful to promote our products - Ralali.com really helps us to promote our products online, so buyers do not have to come directly to our factory. They can also see us at Ralali website, Exhibition and can use promotions from Ralali. This increases our online inquiries from online media.”

PT. Hargen Nusantara

“Ralali helps corporate product - While other online stores more focusing on consumer products, no one has been able to deliver well corporate products that Prolink has. This is where Ralali provides solutions with his B2B Platform.”

PT. Prolink Intida Nusantara

“Ralali is a solution to develop business - Since joining Ralali.com in 2014, our sales have increased significantly, which is about 10 to 15% per month.”


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6 Easy Steps To Start Selling in Ralali


Start Listing Your Products

Start uploading products to your online page and remember to always keep the price list, stock data and availability of your products updated.

Manage Your Orders

Manage your orders easily and conveniently through our integrated system.

Ship With Ease

Control and monitor your shipment with ease through our Order Tracking Management.

Comprehensive Sales Report

Our comprehensive sales transaction reports will enable you to monitor your store performance and transaction data thoroughly.
Contact us for more details at info@ralali.com

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